Programs for download

All programs are compresed in Zip Files. All manuals are in german language.

Column Number Column Number
User 48 Machinelanguage Z80 37
Satistik 5 Demos 15
Mathematics 9 Games 71
Diagram 41 Children / other 10

Sharp Barcodereader CE-1F01A software and manual
Owner manual for Sharp Barcode Penreader CE-1F01A as Adobe PDF File.
Utility program for Barcode Penreader CE-1F01A

Sharp PC-1600 Technical Reference Manual
Technical Manual for Sharp PC-1600. Please demand by E-Mail ! New !

Operation manual Printer-Cassete Interface CE-1600P
Manual for CE-1600P as Adobe PDF file.

PC-1600 technical drawings
Technical drawings DIN A3 as PDF file.

Tip to loading from the PC to the PC-1600!!!