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Sharp pocket computer PC-1500

PC-1500 gameside. Super

PC-1500 ,PC-1600 and other Pocketsoftware, Info and PDFs

Sharp pocket computer PC-1360

Pocket computer 1360

PC-1360 side. German

Michael Janssen

PC-1360 side with many programs

Sharp pocket computer PC-1403

Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1403 Resource Page

PC-1403 side with programs.

Sharp pocket computer PC-E500

Sharp Poketcomputer side of Jerry C

Very good Sharp PC-E500S homepage also left to other pocket computer sides. German

PC-E500 - hitting a corner hard Schochow

PC-E500 side. German


Sharp PC E500 fan club side. German


Japan Sharp PC E500 in English

pc-E500 Side

Another japan Sharp PC E500 Side in English

Casio Pocketcomputer PB-1000

Casio PB-1000 Side

Japan Casio PB-1000 Side in English

ATARI Portfolio

Best Side for Portfolio Fans


Luigi's Z80 computer homepage

Collection of all Z80 CPU's. German

Under the Rubrick rare pieces still Sharp utilities can be ordered. German

Super sharp museum. Largest collection at internet ( French side in english )

You can buy Sharp CE ball point pens

Sharp Users Club. English

Acquaintance and friends

Ireland language journeys

Who gladly good English to speak to learn would like recommends I this side once to regard.

Uwe and Monika Mueller

Uwe and Monika Mueller from Emstek also left for Biker

Ralf Richter

Hompage of my brother Ralf from Emstek

Jens Richter

Hompage of my brother Jens from Halen

Andreas Czayka

Homepage from my workfriend

Other best sides

Translate internetsides and hole letters

Manuals for sharp pokets