Single dump from TOO LATE the Nr.2 05/93 over the company Fischel

Mister Xth who does not know it, the company Bueschel in Berlin? Long years well-known as publishing house with literature (see introduction, the Saezzer), magazine and software for pocket computers. Start places for zigtausende from pocket Usern. What for a company was that How did she operate? And which became exact there produced? Questions, which the following report, at least partly, would like to answer. For reasons of the data security the names were modified by the editorship.

The exact date of the emergence of the company Bueschel will remain probably a secret. Also further investigations TO LATE - editorship had granted no success. It must have itself to course-carry approximately in the year 1981 that GmbH became to carry the bundles in the trade register of the city Berlin einge.
Had preceded this step a PC-1500 club in the new pocket computers of the chance saw and - encouraged by the many user inquiry then a magazine brought out, which carried the name of " everything fur SHARP computer ". First wur 1401 along and PC-1500 treats that haupsaechlich only the models PC. The style of the newspaper, although in DIN, large similarity with a school newspaper had A4 and colored first page (from the primary school, the Saezer). A critical reader expressed itself in a reader letter as follows in addition: "... amateurful layout, crosswise over the pages ( own -) advertisement distributed and the much to high page price of no less than 10 Pf.
.. ", the magazine makes increasingly more unatraktiver. to want to step " without you (bundles of A.d.A) on the feet: Want do you with more grey than black printer colour on not entholztem (Sorry, toilets?) - Paper (super+expensive, 60 pages, No. 5/88, cost 6 DM), too much for a pupil budget, customers for opticians enlist?"

So far to the first criticism. The price of 6 DM was naturally too high, but in the starting stage one got still really useful information despite the already high advertising proportion in the time writing. If one had gotten accustomed first times to the chaotic structure of article, it could make already almost, the information jungle for fun after reports for its own computer through forests. But the times, where one became also really fuendig then, went also sometime to the end. Ever more computer types and companies were taken up, so that the appropriate information flow for the own model completely triumphed only ever smaller and finally. This " universal " trend became then also apparent in the change time writing named. First modification in the name " pocket computer " and finally " pocket and laptop computers ".

It became purely from the number of types not possibly to supply all user with information. Ever made itself more advertisement broad. Sorted from time to time in-useless program for possibly a computer was only printed off (the 427ste version for the solution of LINE-rare sets of equations).
One could see at these statuses, as it was bestelt around finances of the company. When the magazine came out then 1991 only every two months, one knew additionally, how it looked around the provision of information of the citizens of Berlin company. From at the beginning of engaged user magazine a plague-become baggy-like catalog monster had become. Zuschrit of a reader at ZuSpaet: " shit to produce, is not further bad. But over years away dummdreist as gold to sell, I find a heap of giant of shit abhor worth."

Now, the end of the song was the from for the sales at the kiosks and finally also the Vertieb at subscriptions. Whether this is now the final conclusion for bundles, could not be officially acknowledged yet, the signs speaks however for it. Like us our korrespondent before editorship conclusion still act like-hurried briefly is planned for 1994 going out the GmbH in the trade register. Reason of enough, this company, which had used up itself completely as first and the latter the pocket computers to study more exactly. M. Mueller from B. wrote us follows of the:
"... I was naturally already repeated in the business premises of the company. That is a former dwelling in 5. Stick of a renting house in a quarter rather of ill repute in Charlottenburg, not all too far of the cure prince dam.

In following some quotations:
' is if in the " employments offered " of different " departments " of the company the speech, then that means the different corners of the room ';
' on telephone calls constantly the specification is given, " is located everything in the booklets, reads you those, then you know more than I." ';
' a book costs DM Herstel to 3 (three) lungskosten ';
' it is impossible to accommodate with bundles a book review only in the smallest critically or not overpraising is.'
Mr. F. from K. wrote us the following lines:
"... bundle is an amusing Typ... I is exactly clean-guessed/advised to the Zeitschrifengruendung there already '
' bundle the appropriate fine feeling is missing seinen(!) Opposite customer ';
' it is not an in any case type, with which I could co-operate seriously '
This " fine feeling ", which ever the user could procure itself by telephone for 0.23dm/12 seconds in Berlin, did not contribute also even to a larger conversion of the company. One must clarify simply that one could not get further technical assistance except by the books and the programs, with bundles, since simply no man/women of the drawer were available. The books actually had naturally already partly an informative content, which could quite naeherbringen the individual PC's to a risers, in addition, provided here the superelevated price of DM 49, - for a deterring effect.
Best kormte one with bundles by right come, if one returned a cheap simple program for the publication. Then one got a book of its selection and could be content.

The Entwickung in Berlin was by the way also the reason for the emergence of our club. Like that it was possible to exchange among themselves programs and other bundles of Gratifkations commodity and much more besides without the " benefit " of the schaurigen prices to come.
In certain way one must be even grateful the citizen of Berlin werbeblatt without the addressings into de Zeitschriften could not the establishment memo members of the club not be recruited and no Phoenix from de Asche rise can.