List of the basic instruction 
Instruction  Brief description 
ABS  Forms the absolute value of a number. 
ACS  Arcus Cosinus function. 
ADIN ON/OFF/STOP  Permit/prevent similar INTERRUPTS. 
AIN  Decimal value of the similar level supplies. 
ALARM$  Determines alarm time and notification of emergency. 
AREAD  Reads displayed value into a variable. 
ARUN  A BASIC program starts automatically. 
ASC  Supplies the ASCII code of a character. 
ASN  Arcus sine function. 
ATN  Arcus seaweed function. 
AUTO ONE  Generate line numbers. 
BEEP  Produces different tones. 
BEEP ON/OFF/STOP  Switches the tone giver in or off 
BLOAD  A machine Progra loads mm von Diskette. 
BREAK ON/OFF/STOP  Effect of the BREAK key switches in/out. 
BSAVE  Protects coded programs on diskette. 
CALL  A coded program starts 
CHAIN  A further BASIC program loads and starts it from a current BASIC program 
CHR$  The character of a ASCII code supplies. 
CLEAR  All variables delete. 
CLOAD  A BASIC program loads from cassette. 
CLOAD?  Checks a loaded BASIC program. 
CLOAD M  A coded program loads from cassette. 
CLOSE  A file closes. 
CLS  The display deletes. 
COLOR  Selects the coloured pencil of the printer 
COM$  Supplies a stringer with the adjusted communication parameters. 
COMn ON/OFF/STOP  Permitted or communication INTERRUPTS prevent. 
CONT  A BASIC program interrupted with STOP/BREAK continues. 
CoPy  Copies diskette files. 
COS  Supplies the Cosinus of an angle. 
CSAVE  Protects BASIC programs on cassette. 
CSAVEM  Protects coded programs on cassette. 
CSIZE  Determines the size of the characters. 
CURSOR  Positions the cursor 
DATA  Holds ready with READ to reading data 
DATE$  The current date contains. 
DEG  Sexagesimal/Dezimal transformation of an angle. 
DEGREE  Angle mode switches to old degrees. 
DELETE  Deletes program lines. 
DIM  Reserves workstation for variables and arrays 
DMS  Dezimal/Sexagesimal transformation of angles 
DSKF  The free diskette capacity displays. 
END  Terminates a BASIC program. 
Eof  Points to the end of a file 
ERASE  Certain variables and array deletes 
ERL  The number of the error-adhered line supplies. 
ERN  Supplies the code of a pending error. 
EXP  Exponential function. 
FILES  Table of contents gives the diskette out  Permitted determined program loops. 
GCURSOR  Positions the diagram cursor 
GLCURSOR  Positions the pressure pin in the diagram mode. 
GOSUB..return  Leads subroutines out 
GOTO  Branched out to a certain line. 
GPRINT  Diagram sample on the display draws. 
DEGREE  Angle mode switches to Neugrad 
GRAPH  Sets the printer into the diagram mode. 
HEX$  Supplies the Hex stringer of a number. 
IF..then  Enabled caused program branches. 
INIT  Initialize modules, diskettes and the receive buffer 
INKEY$  Character from the keyboard buffer gets. 
INP  Supplies data of the processor port 
INPUT  Permits the data input during a current BASIC program. 
INPUT #  Reads data from a file. 
INSTAT  Supplies the status of the control signals of an INTERFACE. 
INSTR  Looks up a dividing ring within a given stringer. 
INT  Supplies the whole proportion of a number. 
KBUFF$  Character writes into the keyboard buffer. 
KEY ON/OFF/STOP  Switches function keys in/out. 
KEY ACT  Set/deletes repeating/click functions of the keys. 
KILL  A diskette file deletes. 
LCURSOR  Induces printer pin to certain position. 
LEFT$  Supplies left justified dividing ring. 
LEN  Determines the length of a stringer. 
LET  Variable assigns values 
LF  Provides for the line feed. 
LFILES  A diskette table of contents prints. 
LINE  Connects points of display with a line. 
CUNNING  Lists program lines in the display. 
LLINE  The connecting line of two points prints. 
LLIST  Prints program lines. 
LN  Supplies the Naperian logarithm. 
LOAD  A file loads from diskette. 
LOC  Record number of a file supplies. 
LOCK / UNLOCK  MODE key switches in/out. 
LOF  The file size supplies 
LOG  Supplies the Briggs logarithm. 
LPRINT  Transmits data to the printer or a serial INTERFACE. 
MAX FILES  Determines the maximum's number of open files. 
MEM  Number of free storage spaces supplies. 
MERGE  Joins two programs in the memory. 
MID$  Supplies the center section of a stringer. 
MOD  Supplies the remainder of an integer division. 
MODE  Selects the display mode. 
NAME  A file designates over 
NEW ONE  Or points storage space deletes too 
ON ADIN GOSUB  Branched out with similar INTERRUPT. 
ON $COcMn GOSUB  Branched out with with serial INTERRUPT. 
ON ERROR GOTO  Branched out with appearance of an error. 
ON GOSUB  Required subroutine reference. 
ON GOTO  Required program branch. 
ON KEY GOSUB  Branched out with keyboard Interrunpt. 
ON PHONE GOSUB  Branched out with modem INTERRUPTS. 
ON TIME$ GOSUB  Branched out at specified time-of-day. 
OPEN  Opens files for access options. 
OUT  Writes data to a processor port. 
OUTSTAT  Sets control signals of the RS-232-Interfaces. 
PAPER  Sets type of paper and vertical pressure range. 
PASS  Or resets a password (pass word) sets. 
BREAK  Shows data for short time on 
PCONSOLE  Format/EOL code for printer/INTERFACES sets.