What do you need to transmit data from PC to PC-1600

1. Audioprogram:
Windows: Audacity
Mac OS X: Audacity
2. Connection PC -> PC-1600
PC / Mac: Line Out
PC 1600: Ear Input Kassetteninterface
Sharp CE-1600P, CE-162E
4. Transmit Program (Command)
PC-1600: CLOAD (start program) or
COPY"CAS:" TO "S1:oderS2:oderX: Name.ext" (copy program on Ramdisk or Floppy Disk)

3DBILD.bas  Produced on the display super a 3D animation. 
FALCO.bas  Falco places on the display 
ZUG.bas  Places on the display a driving steam course sammt whistles and hiss Super! 
DEMOPC16.bas  Demo diagram with PC-1600 Schrifftzug. 
ASCII.bas  Representation of all ASCII characters. 
CHR$.bas  Demo version of all characters. 
MOVIE.bas  Logo of the software producer. 
39-zeich.bas  39-Chars representation on the display (demo). 
FLAGGEN.bas  Danish one, American one and English of flags with national anthem. 
SCHRAFUR.bas  Demo for LINE instruction. 
CARDTRIC.bas  PC-1600 guess its card. 
DEMO1602.bas  Graphic demo of the PC-1600. 
KOBOLD.bas  Freely mobile Kobold on the display. 
SOUNDER.bas  Demo of PC-1600 Sound
STANDUHR.bas  Clock on the display ticks.