Z80 Programs

What do you need to transmit data from PC to PC-1600

1. Audioprogram:
Windows: Audacity
Mac OS X: Audacity
2. Connection PC -> PC-1600
PC / Mac: Line Out
PC 1600: Ear Input Kassetteninterface
Sharp CE-1600P, CE-162E
4. Transmit Program (Command)
PC-1600: CLOAD (start program) or
COPY"CAS:" TO "S1:oderS2:oderX: Name.ext" (copy program on Ramdisk or Floppy Disk)

H = display hardcopy

ASEMBLER.BIN Assembler for PC-1600. translates written programs in Z80 process he code into assembler. With CALL &C0C5 one calls.  H
ASEMBLER.txt   Guidance and operation of the assembler.  H
BATT.BIN The akkupower of the PC-1600 in property, means displays, to bad. 
CALCULAT.BIN Calculator in Z80
CLOCK.BIN SHIFT displays the current time-of-day, also with current programs, always with the printing on the key. 
COPY8200.BIN Disccopyprogramm. Make a copy from a hole disk side. (64 KB) H
DATABROS.BIN Data base for the PC-1600.  H
DATE.BIN The current date and time-of-day, also with current programs, display always with the printing on the key between SML and RCL. 
DEBUGGER.BIN DEBUGGER for coded programs and Ramview.
DEBUGGER.txt  Guidance for DEBUGGERS. 
DISKWORK.BIN The ultimative essential file administration program for the PC-1600. super! 
DISKWORK.txt  Guidance for Diskwork. 
DRIVER C.BIN Occupies all keys with a certain tone whole nicely! Not remainder celebration 
FILEX.BIN Tool to give Information at SLOT1 and SLOT2 Moduls. Turn into PRO mode. H
GALGEN.BIN Program loader for the play Galgenraten.  H
HARDCOPY.BIN Very fast hardcopy for printers of the Epson FX, LX series with serial interface. 
KREIS.BIN Draws very fast filled or full sets on its display. 
MAUMAU.BIN File for the pack of cards MAUMAU against the computer. Super 
MONITOR.BIN To regard and change memory monitor around itself contents in bank #1. 
MONITOR.txt  Description to the memory monitor. 
NEWRETT.BIN Recovering killed basicprogramms. H
OPTICHAR.BIN Diversify the charactercodes of Computer. H
PASSEX.BIN Show version of operatingsystem and list a password H
PATCHIT.BIN Program around certain sections of a coded program to modify (Patchen).  H
POKER2.BIN Transformation of coded programs into basic programs.  H
RAMKILL.BIN Delete all instalierten RAM modules to new configurations. 
RAUSCH.BIN Produces a noise generator. 
SCHACH1.BIN Calls chess coded program AM up 
SCHACH2.BIN Coded program of the game of chess. Must be loaded and started as the first Becomes then on RAM disk S2 as if ARE stored. 
SOUND.BIN Noise curve.  H
SPLAT.BIN File for the Jump and run game with 7 levels of the top class. Super 
SUSPLAT.txt Guidance to the Game.
TCALL.BIN Spread-sheet analysis with own character set 39 characters and 5 columns on the display.
TCALL.txt  Guidance for the spread-sheet analysis TCALL 1.2 
TEXT.BIN File for the ultimative scriptingprogramm. 
TIMEWORK.BIN The appointment calendar for the PC-1600.  H
TIMEWORK.txt  Description to TIMEWORKs  H
XMEM.BIN XMEM is a strong utility in the background operates. Description under XMEM.txt 
XMEM.txt  Description and a hardware prerequisite. Load as well! Super