What do you need to transmit data from PC to PC-1600

1. Audioprogram:
Windows: Audacity
Mac OS X: Audacity
2. Connection PC -> PC-1600
PC / Mac: Line Out
PC 1600: Ear Input Kassetteninterface
Sharp CE-1600P, CE-162E
4. Transmit Program (Command)
PC-1600: CLOAD (start program) or
COPY"CAS:" TO "S1:oderS2:oderX: Name.ext" (copy program on Ramdisk or Floppy Disk)

17UND4.bas  Pack of cards. 
ADLER.bas  Cube play with coins. 
ATLANTIS.bas  Actiongame.
AUS49.bas  The Lotto tip. 
BAJUWARE.bas  Bayowaren invasion. Caution of measure jugs and boots fly by the area. 
BAJUWARE.txt  Description of the play BAJUWARE.bas 
BJ-DOKUM.BAS Description of Black Jack to Plot on CE-1600P.
BLACKJAK.bas  The professional coach in things to play learn Black Jack. 
CHICAGO.bas  Well-known cube play. 
CRECA.bas  Creature Castle Textadventure initialization program. Needs CRECA1.bas 
CRECA1.bas  Heard too CRECA.bas 
DEFENDER.bas  Actiongame. 
DERBY.bas  Horse-run with 3 horses. 
DRACHEN.bas  Diagram / Textadventure. Super! 
ENTERPRI.bas  Spaceship landing on planets. 
FLUGSIMU.bas  Air passage over the world. 
HANGMAN1.bas  Word guessing game against the computer. 
HANGMAN2.bas  Hanging Tree. 
HANGMAN3.BAS Another word guessing game against the computer.
HANOY.bas  Admits under the towers of Hanoy. Strategy play. 
HELON.bas  Actiongame with helicopter. 
HIRNI.bas  Superhirnwariante. 
HOFUSHER.bas  Hous OF of usher Textadventure. 
JACKPOT.BAS Luck play machine simulation. 
JAEGER90.bas  Flight simulator. 
KATRICK.bas  One must note a card and the program tries her to guess. 
KOBOLD.bas  A small Kobold on the display can be moved with keys. 
LABY.bas  Labyrint game in 2 levels. 
LUEBECK.bas  Commercial simulation play. 
MASON.bas  Skill play. 
MASTER.bas  Master Mind for the Sharp. 
MEER.BAS Grafikadventure. ( Required 80 kbytes ram ).
MERKER.BAS Quizgame.
MONOPOLY.BAS The populary game of money.
MUEHLE.bas  The PC-1600 as playing field for 2 fellow players. 
NIMM.bas  Matches pull against computer who the latter pull have won. Strategy play. 
NR-CLAP.bas  Number rates skill play. 
OLYMP.bas  A play in several Diziplinen. Speed and reaction are in demand. 
PAC MAN.bas  Grainseater in the Lapyrint against a spirit. 
PHARAO.bas  Textadventure. 
PLAN.BAS Plot a map for monopoly at CE-1600P.
POLIZIST.bas  Number-describe notice. 
RAUMBAS.bas  Landing of a spaceship with point valuation. 
RAUMSCHI.bas  Landing on four planets. 
S-UHR.BAS Clock for Chess.
SCHIEBER.bas  16 fields to be shifted must result in to it a correct Gesammtbild. 
SCHIFFEV.bas  Ships sink. 
SCHNELLB.bas  Man must throw mines off with his boat. 
SECHSER.bas  Cube play against the computer. 
SENSO.bas  Play in that a tone sequence to be after-played must. 
SHEBATE.bas  Version wins 4 against the computer. 
SHOFBRD.bas  Helicopter simulation over the FRG 
SHOOTER.bas  Pistol-shoot at point. 
SLOT.bas  Luck play machine simulation. 
SOLITAER.bas  Board play of the same name with which one stones skip must. 
SOLITAER.txt  Description of SOLITAER.bas 
SOLITAIR.bas  Board play. 
SPACE.bas  Landing of a spaceship. 
SPLAT.bas  Jump and run play with 4 levels. Needed SPLATMLC.bas for running. 
SPLATMLC.bas  Machine code for SPLAT.bas Muss to be first started. 
SPUKSCHL.BAS Grafikadventure. ( Required 80 kbytes ram ).
STARWAR.bas  A PC-1500 conversion of the Ballerspiels. 
STARWAR2.bas  Spaceship firing play. 
STRASSE.bas  Cube play against the computer. 
SUPERHIR.bas  Guessed of Farpkombinationen. 
TARGET.bas  An arrow must be shot into a target. 
TETRIS.bas  Well-known play of the same name for the PC-1600. 
TRON.bas  Play of the same name in former times on home computers. 
UNIVERSU.bas  Takeoff and landings of rockets. 
VIERGEW.bas  Four wins however only for 2 fellow players.