Description of error code 
Code  Description of the program error 
Multiple declaration. Attempt to define an existing array variable a second time. Before a new DIMensionierung the array must be deleted only. 
Undeclared ARRAY. The found array variable does not exist, i.e. it was not defined with the DIM statement. 
Type mistake. Variable ones and date do not fit type-moderately to each other. It is e.g. tried to assign to a numeric variable a stringer or turned around a stringer variable a numeric value. 
Attempt, define array with more than two dimensions to define. 
Example: DIM XM(4,5,2) 
An index of an array variable is situated outside of as admissible agreed upon area. 
Example: 10 DIM P(2,3) 
50 INPUTS P(2,4) 
10  Storage area for the accommodation of variables is full. 
11  Nichtexistierende line. The line indicated in a branch statement (e.g. GOTO, COSUB) is not contained in the program. 
12  Illegal format stringer in the USING statement. 
13  Workspace is not fully the storage space is not sufficient, in order to take up further program lines or variables. 
14  Stack fully the nesting or the calculation complex. 
15  Subroutine stack is fully it is inserted into each other too many subroutine references or it is present a stringer with a length of more than 80 characters. 
16  Exponent found, whose amount reads more largely than 99. 
17  Bad data types within an arithmetic printout. It is tried to exercise arithmetic operations on stringer variable. 
Examples: A$*b$, /d$ 
18  Bad parameter specification of a function. 
19  Parameter is situated outside of the admissible area. 
20  Bad specification of a standard variable. 
21  Use of a numeric printout in place of a numeric variable. 
22  Memory fully. No program can be loaded. 
23  Bad specification of the TIME$ stringer. 
24  Attempt to list or edit a program protected with a password. 
25  Illegal address specification within a NEW statement. 
26  Illegal operating mode: The indicated instruction cannot be executed in the operating mode momentary 
27  Unknown quantity instruction. The peripheral device or option addressed by the instruction is not attached. 
28  At the time of the execution of the INPUT or AREAD statement an illegal stringer was discovered, which corresponds to an BASIC instruction word. 
30  Line number more largely than 65539. 
32  The cursor position stopped with GCURSOR prevents the display of the data requested by an INPUT instruction. 
35  PC-1500-Peripherie not attached. 
36  The data cannot be displayed in the format given by the USING statement. 
38  Division by zero. 
39  Illegal function call. 
100  Renumbering of the program lines by means of RENUM command is not successfully final. 
101  Bad device specification within a TITLEoder NEW statement. 
102  Invalid device lesson. (device not attached) 
103  RAM module fully. The INIT parameters cannot be set 
104  The ON..GOSUB statement contains more than eight INTERRUPT branches. 
105  Too many software interrupt levels 
106  RETI statement without pertinent ON....COSUB statement found. 
107  RESUME statement without pertinent ON... ERROR... GOSUBAnweisung found. 
108  Password cannot be deleted. 
109  Unzulassiger variable name in the ERASE statement. 
110  The PC-1500-Modus (MODE 1) cannot be set. Instruction in the operating mode MODE 0 illegally. The instruction referred to the PC-1500-Peripherie operate only in the MODE 1. 
111  Illegal mode. 
112  Line too long. During editing a program the line exceeded the length of 80 characters. 
131  Stringer value with signs provide. 
Code  Description of the recorder error 
40  Syntax error within a recorder instruction. 
42  Not sufficient storage space available, in order to be able to load a program from cassette. 
43  Verification error. The CLOAD? statement states that the program in the memory does not correspond with the program present at the cassette. 
44  Read error. Incompatible recording or incorrect adjustment of volume and pitch. 
Code  Description of the printer error 
70  Pin is outside of the x or Y-coordinates of the admissible range from -2048 to 2047. 
71  The form feedback made in the TEXT mode (reverse feed) is more than 10.24 cm. (only the option concerns CE-150.) 
72  False specification of the TAB parameters. 
73  Illegal instruction in the at present valid mode: Use of diagram instruction in the text mode or in reverse. 
74  Too many parameters in the LINE or RLINE statement. 
76  Data line is longer than with PCONSOLE adjusted line length. A numeric result from the length one line, in order to be able to be represented in the text mode. 
78  LPRINT or LINE command cannot be executed The pin is at the false workstation or it is situated a blocking of the printer due to insufficiently loaded Akkus forwards 
79  Color change signal not passed on to the printer. (only the option concerns CE-150.) 
80  Unloaded Akkus. Printer " hung itself up ". 
Code  Description of the port error 
140  Bad parameter indication in the SET statement. 
141  The size of the receive buffer which can be specified with the INIT instruction exceeds either the maximum value of 16383 bytes or the at present available storage space. 
142  Receipt error. Parity or framing of the data byte incorrectly or upper run of the receive buffer. 
143  Waiting period exceeded. Within the time determined with RCVSTAT no data were received from the peripheral device. 
144  The port indicated in the SETDEV statement is already open. 
Code  Description of the data error 
150  Too specifies many files in the MAXFILES statement. 
151  File exists already. Select another name. 
152  File not found. Vberpruefen it whether the specification of the file designator is correct. When storing by means of SAVE the diskette proves as full. 
153  Illegal file number specification within a Leseoder write statement. The file with the appropriate number was not opened yet for the reading or walking access. 
154  The file is already opened. Close it, before you open them in the correct mode for the desired access. 
155  Illegal drive designation: Floppy disk drive is not attached. 
156  False parameter indications in the SET statement. 
157  Illegal or incorrect file name. 
158  Instruction in connection with the floppy disk drive not applicably. 
159  Attempt to write on a protected diskette. 
160  No diskette in the drive. 
161  Diskette was not formatted yet with INIT. 
162  Writing or read error concerning inserted diskette. 
163  False diskette in the drive. It took place a diskette change although still another opened file was present. 
164  Diskette fully. 
165  End of file during the reading with the INPUTS # exceeded. All data records were already read. 
166  Not sufficient storage space within the system area available, in order to serve the floppy disk drive. 
167  Fatal diskette error. Diskette contents or the diskette are zertoert. 
168  Floppy disk drive does not function correctly. Weak Akkus or a hardware error is situated forwards to