Voltages over the similar INTERFACE pick out 

To represent program around a value of the similar port (A/D transducer) to hollow and it on the display:
Fat-marked lines with line number in the PRO mode (press MODE key to at the display PRO appears above input and in each case with ENTER key acknowledge.

Deletes the display
10 CLS
All variables on zero
AIN supplies a value to that with the voltage level at the similar port corresponds. The integer value of AIN can be situated between 0 and 255. This value covers thereby voltages from 0 to 2,495 V. Higher voltages are output with 255.
30 A=AIN
The value that gives to the variable A was transferred on the display out
Program end
50 END

If the program were input, the MODE key press to at the display RUN appears above. Then in the display RUN input and with the ENTER key acknowledge. The program is now executed.