Resserve mode and the function keys 1 

The reserve mode and the function keys:

In the RESERVE mode you receive the access to a special storage area, in which the allocations of the six function keys are stored. These function keys are directly underneath the display window and are with the characters! " # $ % and & marks.

The character string (stringer), which one this function key on operation supplies, can from the user to desire be modified. These stringers can be protected also on a storage medium and loaded by this, so that the user can arrange the desired allocation of the function keys at any time after his needs.

A) selection of the RESERVE modes

The RESERVE mode can be activated by the combination of the two keys SHIFTS + to MODE. In the status line the signature RESERVE is then displayed. By simple operation of the key MODE one can leave this mode again.

With respect to the RESERVE mode three allocation levels can be differentiated, which are marked in the status line by the symbols I, II and III. With the so-called menu key  can be switched between these three levels cyclically. In each level in each case six different stringers can be assigned to the programmable function keys, so that altogether 18 different allocations are to the user at the disposal.

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