Plotter CE-150 at the PC-1600 operate 
The PC-1600 can be operated at the aIten plotter CE-150 however only if the PC-1600 in the PC-1500-Modus (MODE 1) is operated. If it becomes in the PC-1600-Modus (MODE 0) etrieben, then it comes with the printer output to an error output, since the LPRINT of instruction applies only to the CE-1600p. 
It is also not possible during program of the flow of MODE 0 on MODE 1 to be changed. In order to be able to use the large possibilities of the 1600ers in addition, at the CE 150, one can manage switching over a trick. 
The 1600er offers naehmlich the possibility by means of the instruction KBUFF$ a stringer in the keyboard memory to store, which is then processed as if one it over the keyboard would have input 
By the example this looks in such a way: 
10  10 - 30 program run in the 1600er mode 
40 KBUFF$+"MODE l"+CHR$13+"GOTO 60"+CHR$13  40 keyboard buffers filled CHR$13 is the character of ENTER 
50 END 
the program stops and operates 50 here, then 
contents of the TastaturFuffers off. In this 
60 LPRINT " test "  60 the text one prints. 
70 KBUFF$+"MODE 0"+chr$13+"GOTO 90"+CHR$13  70 the keyboard buffer one fills again, around 
to space back. 
80 END  80 here resetting takes place 
90  90 normal operational sequence again in the 1600er mode 
Since an additional expenditure develops nevertheless, one should consider oneself whether the printer output cannot be organized in such a way that not constantly occasionally data is printed out, but one only once samm ELT and then outputs. This would lower the expenditure, since constantly back and forth does not have to be switched.