Memory modules initialize 

The PC-1600 possesses 3 fan at the lower surface. 1 drawer for the batteries or Akkus. 2 fan for the extension modules (called S1und S2). The batteries are empty been the computer thereafter with the standard configuration are initialized. A possible configuration S1=32 KBytes, S2=128 KBytes.
With these Austatung the PC-1600 16KBytes would possess inserted memory + 32KBytes S1 module + 32KBytes of the 128KBytes module = 80KBytes RAM = 96 KBytes RAM DISK on S2. The configuration of this PC-1600 liese several possibilities too

For example:
80KBytes workspace + 96 KBytes RAM disk on S2
48KBytes workspace + 128KBytes RAM disk on S2
16KBytes workspace + 128KBytes RAM disk on S2 + 32KBytes RAM disk on S1

These configurations are stopped over the INIT instruction a TITLE the instruction precede. With INIT " S1:", " M " are to it-added the module in Slot1 as work memory to the 16KBytes of the internal memory (16+32). With INIT " S1:", " F " are initialized the module as RAM disk. With INIT"S2:", " M " are taken off with larger modules than 32KBytes, 32 KBytes from the actual size and assigned to the internal memory. With INIT " S2:", " F " are initialized the whole module in Slot 2 as RAM disk.