One needs it always even then if one it even not to the hand or in the heading has 
Since one cannot however usually (and when programming) without it, now here a one-sided representation (tendentiell 0,75-seitig) the most important Peeks, Pokes, in/Outs and calls of the PC-1600 of operating system. 
If they are not sorted, then that is because of the fact that I got or noted her also not sorted. 
POKE &F07F, 0  Keybuffer empty. Prima for a Inkey routine in basic can be used. Thus one ' entprellt ' practically the keyboard. To the Keybuffer here a remark: it can contain max. 62 characters. 
POKE &F9F8,12  No RESET for plotters when switching on (call on # 4, &4002, manual RESET). 
POKE &F9F8,1  CSize X LList in any size. 
POKE &F1BC, 192  PC-1500-Mode with extensions actually ' only ' for PC-1600. 
POKE &F9FF, 0  Lock mode key, lift 255 again up 
POKE &F9F5,1 to 15  Enables a CSize of 1-15 and not only from 1 to 9! As Peek also character size can be queried 
CALL #2,&8600  Table of contents of S2: in the you format (not as similar in output in files or!) 
PEEK#(5 is, &4008) = 126  Then CE-1600p is not attached. 
PEEK (&F016) is = &ff  Then Sl: is a RAM disk. 
PEEK (&F020) is = &ff  Then S2: is a RAM disk. 
PEEK (&F9EF) is = 128  Then PAPER C 
Worth of PEEK (&F184)  Printing ink 
Worth of PEEK (&F05F)  Cursor position Y 
Worth of PEEK (&F060)  Cursor position X 
Worth of PEEK (&F067)  Cursor status, 0 = out, 1 = underlined, 2 = rectangle, 3 = space 
In address &FC46  Write - / reading address for disk operations from machine language 
Address &F015-&F01E  Work area Sl: 
Address &F01F-&F028  Work area S2: 
Worth of PEEK (&F02D)  Max files test. 
POKE &F0BB, 1  OFF key closed with print operation. 
Address &F8C0-&F8FF Contents of the standard variable A$-d$ in basic. In each case 16 byte. 
Address &F650-&F6FF Contents of the standard variable E$-o$ in basic. In each case 16 byte. 
Address &f750-&F7FF Contents of the standard variable P$-z$ in basic. In each case 16 byte 
Address &F900-&F9CF Contents of the standard variable A-z, in each case 8 byte. 
Worth of port (INP&78 AND 8) = 0  Disk in the drive? 
OUT&17, &41  Display on 
OUT&17,0  Display out. 
OUT&35, &1F INTERRUPTS lock 1/2s 
OUT&35, &4F  INTERRUPTS lock 1/64s 
OUT&35, &0F  INTERRUPTS lock both 
OUT&35, &5F  all INTERRUPTS enable 
A=0,1,2 or 3: CALL &011B, A  Display line n invert 
Call &0166  Control rooms on depressing the key. 
Call &012D  Scroll UP (screen lines Zeilenweise are shifted upward). 
Call &0130  Scroll down (screen lines are shifted downward Zeilenweise). 
Call 5  To continue computer out with the possibility in the program, where the computer even was. 
Call #5,&5FF0  obne changes (one copy whole disk must possess 80 KBytes workspaces! 
Call &0109  Cursor Home (left above display). 
Call &0112  CLS (whole display deletes). 
Call &027A  all opened files close. 

Enclosed still the internal memory allocation of the entire system and normal RAM the area.