My experiences with hard and software began 1982 with the purchase of a ATARI 800XL. After approximately 1 year old study with the programming of own programs acquired I mean 2.Computer, a Comodore Plus4.
At that time I began myself also for programmable pockets to interesting. A half a PC-1402. Of these followed the purchase of a Sharp PC-1430 then thanks Fischels of everything for pocket computers and own programmer driving with some basic and coded programs was later fed.
When I then finally came 1986 to the PC-1600, the power machine under the pockets, this tore me at that time (with Brinkmann in Germany for 720.-DM in the 16KB version) a powerful hole in my Portmonaie. But gradually the system was then developed nevertheless in terms of hardware.
Up to the today's conditions:

CE-1600F 2,5 tariff floppy disk
CE-158 parallel/serial interface
CE-1600P four-color plotter
32KB module in Slot 1
128 KB module in Slot2

I wrote first various programs to with this basic equipment in basic, later then programs in assembler (machine language). Last begun projects such as voice digitizer, software steered gray tone display, colored printer drivers and such things more, remained lying by enlargement of the family in the long run then nevertheless.
By the arising Internet wave and the fact my children me again more time goennen decided I this homepage to develop.
Perhaps the time and the interest these begun projects come still to end to lead and publish here.

Harald Richter