Printer-und Casetten casetten-und floppy INTERFACE CE-1600p 

Model CE-1600P 
Product designation Printer/Cassetten lnterface 
Printer execution XY recorder 
Character per line max. 160 characters per line (smallest character size) 
Dtuckfarben 4 colours (black, blue, red, green) 
Character size 9 types; 0,8mm x 1,2mm to 7,2mm x 10,8mm 
Pressure directions 4 (downward, upward, to the left, to the right) 
Smallest recorder movement 0,2mm 
Scanning rate 5 characters per second (on the average 96 ASCII 
Character: Character size: 2; Colour: Black) those 
Scanning rate is aenderlich and hangs of 
Contents of the printout, or the print program off 
Printing paper Role paper (option) EAÂR1 
Width: 210mm (8-1/4"); Diameter: 40mm (19/16") or fewer) EA-1 LR1 
(width: 216mm (8-1/2"); Diameter: 40mm (19/16") or) exclusively become fewer in Canada 
Sheet paper (A4) 
Current Local mains voltage with AC adapter EA-160) 
Inserted one loadable battery 
(loading: Local mains voltage with AC adapter I/O 
Gs 6V, 5,7W 
Print lines Approx. 250 lines (after loading time of 8 hours) 
Character size: 2; 40 ' 5'-Zeichen per line; Tem 
peratur: 20°C (68°F) 
Working ambient temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F) 
Dimensions Width: 320mm (12-19/32") depth: 221,5mm 
(8-23/32") height: 46mm (1-13/16") 
Gewiche 1,6kg (3.531bs.) (including bag) 

Floppy disk drive CE-1600f 

Model: CE-1600f 
Product name: Diskette drive 
Number of drives: 1 drive (einseitig)/Einheit 
Recording medium: 2,5-Zoll double-sided diskette 
Recording method GCR (4/5) 
Number of tracks: 16 track/page 
Memory: 64 KByte (one-sided) (8 disc sector/track) 
Power source: Gs 6V; supplied from to the device attached system. 
Capacity: 2,5W 
Operating temperature: 10°C to 35°C/50°f to 95°F 
Air humidity: 20% to 80% (without condensation) 
Height: 39mm (l-17/32") 
Width: 96mm (3-25/32") 
Deep one: 122mm (4-13/16") 
Weight: Approx. 470g