Software to the data communication for the PC 

To transfer programs from the Internet to Sharp at home, you need a terminal or communication program. These programs were or still are numerous for the different operating systems. For Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux; Dos and Atari or Tos compatible systems, I can recommend programs here or name addresses in the internet.

Windows 7-10 DiskWorkPC System requirements Widows 7 and higher
Windows 3.11,95,98  Microsoft Works (communication module) 
DOS  A terminal program under DOS found with Jerrys PC E-500 homepage 
Apple Mac OS 9 Claris Works 2.5 - 5.0 or Apple Works 6,0 (communication module) 
  Terminal 2.2 Sharware in English 
Apple Mac OS X DiskWorkMac System requirements Mac OS 10.7 and higher
Atari and TOS komp.  Connect95 terminal program