User programs

What do you need to transmit data from PC to PC-1600

1. Audioprogram:
Windows: Audacity
Mac OS X: Audacity
2. Connection PC -> PC-1600
PC / Mac: Line Out
PC 1600: Ear Input Kassetteninterface
Sharp CE-1600P, CE-162E
4. Transmit Program (Command)
PC-1600: CLOAD (start program) or
COPY"CAS:" TO "S1:oderS2:oderX: Name.ext" (copy program on Ramdisk or Floppy Disk)

39ZEICH.bas  With this program texts with 39 characters and 5 lines on the display can be represented. 
ADINPUT.bas Program for A/D Interface.
ADINPUT.txt User manual of ADINPUT Program.
ADRESSE.BAS Database for adress.
ASTROLOG.bas  Calculation of the asterisk pictures. 
AUSDEHNU.BAS Chemical programm.
BATTERIE.bas  Battery and Akkutest.
BIORYTH.bas  Biorythmus with diagram on plotters. 
BIOSIMUL.bas  Robber / booty simulation. 
BOERSE.bas  Share management program with Charts. 
CASSETTE.bas  Cassette cover labeling. 
CEL FAR.bas  Celsius Fahrenheit conversion. 
CHRCODES.bas  ASC codes of the characters give out 
DATEN.bas  Data tree program. 
DISKOFFI.bas  Disc management program. 
DT1600.bas Database.
EAN CODE.bas  Printing and display of the codes. 
FEIERTAG.bas  German holiday calculation for each year. 
GERAEUSH.bas  Different noises and tones. 
GIRO.BAS Accaunt guidance programm.
GRAFEDI.bas  One can create its own diagrams on the display, memory and to printouts. 
HEXCODE.bas  Number transformation dual in hexadecimal. 
HEXLOAD.bas  Shifts machine language programs in the memory of the PC-1600. 
KALENDE2.bas  Calendar calculation. 
KALENDE3.bas  Calendar calculations. 
KALENDER.bas  Calendar printing and date search. 
KFILES.bas Plott discinformation of s1,s2 and x.
MERGE.bas  Load several programs successively into the memory without those before geladenenen to delete. 
MONEYCHA.bas  Foreign exchange conversion. 
POKEMAKE.bas  Produces Pokes in basic from certain storage areas. 
OPTICHAR Makes new characters
POWER2.bas  The internal battery status in well, badly, means shows on 
POWER.bas  graphic charge display of Akku and battery. 
SECRET.bas  Password protection of the gesammten computer. 
STATUS.bas  Byte display of all RAM and disk areas. 
TAG2DATE.bas  Calculation of the days between 2 data. 
TASCHENK.bas  Printout of a mini calendar. 
TERMIN.bas  Date administration with alarm. 
TRAFO.BAS Calclation Data for Transformer.
UHR.bas  Similar and digital clock representation. 
UHRZEIT.bas  Diagram of the clock 
UMFANG.bas  Byte scope of a program points to disk. 
VOKABEL.bas  Vokabel lerning program with query. 
WECHSEL.bas  Rate of discount calculation of credits. 
WELTUHR.bas  World time representation with card. 
WILDCARD.bas  Management program for Ramcards. 
ZAHL1.bas  Number transformation Roman in Arab. 
ZAHL2.bas  Number transformation Arab in Roman. 
ZEICHDEF.bas  Creates new characters and diagrams for own applications. 
ZEITEING.bas  Initialization of the time with the PC-1600. 
ZETTEL.bas  Date administration.