" Zu Spät " ( to late ) official PC-1600 user club Germany.

The club was created in June 1990 of Gernot Hermenau The reason for it was appropriate in it, for the individual Usern the possibility to give, by tips and cheats, programs, Peeks and Pokes and other Infomationen their computer better knows to learn around more professional thereby to work. For this each quantity of KNOW HOW stood for the club in the form of subject literature, as well as connection diagrams and programs for order. For problems of each kind simply times one inquired. Here one could mediate further. 
The club activities ran out then however starting from in the middle of 1994 slowly. Partially, because Sharp stopped production and the sales starting from in the middle of 1992, in addition, ever faster and more flexible Lap and Palmtops on the market came. 
It published in this time 3 Clubzeitschrifften with all kinds of partially well opened and funny dialogues, tips and cheat approximately at hard and Software.Ein excerpt from " to late " with an article over the " POCKET COMPUTER " to the company Fischel from Berlin those at that time a monthly magazine brought out can one here regard. 
At the conclusion of the club activities accumulated around the 10 MB software from all ranges, which I publish here on these homepage to the Download want.