Technical data

The PC-1600 system was starting at 1986. It covered with following configurations and accessories

Other Sharp Systems

Main processor: SC7852 / 3.58 MHz / Z80A compatibly 
Nebenprozessor: LH5803 / 1.30 MHz / PC-1500 compatibly 
Auxiliary processor: LU57813P / 0.3 MHz 
Liquid crystal display with adjustable contrast 
Alphanumeric character representation of 4 lines ever 26 indications 
Graphic point sample representation of 32 times 156 points 
65 alphanumeric keys 
6 function keys (in 3 levels programmable) 
Read-only memory (ROM) 96 KBytes 
Main memory (RAM) 16 KBytes standard (expandable on 80 KBytes) 
For the memory expansion 2 Slots are present. (Slot1 to 32 KBytes of modules / Slot2 to 256KBytes of modules) 
Maximum configuration = 80 KBytes main memories + 256 KBytes RAM disk 
RS-232C Interface (50 - 38400 Baud/sec.) 
SIO opto-electronic interface (38400 Baud/sec. 
Similar entrance (A/D transducer 
System bus (- an exit) 
Warning of used up batteries 
Inserted real-time clock 
Automatic in and elimination of the computer 
Automatic alarm function 
Support of external interrupt requirements 
Communication functions 
Power supply and need 
4 dry batteries (type SUM-3, AA or R6) too for each 1,5V 
Connection to a.c. mains over a net adapter 
0.48 W life span of the batteries: approx. 25h with 20 C (68°F) and 10-minuetiger work duration as well as 50 of minuetiger announcement distributes on an operation hour 
Case dimensions 
Length: 196mm 
Width: 86mm 
Height: 25,5mm 
Weight (i.e. mass): approx. 390g inclusive batteries 
Operating temperature: O-C to 40°C 
Download of connection diagrams of the plates of the PC-1600