New ! USB connection directly on the Sharp PC-1600

This is what it looks like, the new USB module by Thomas Stahl. 



• Modular design with exchangeable frontend. UART Rx/Tx communication between frontend and backend.

• Backend:

ATmega328P microcontroller with I/O-port communication (INP/OUT) to the PC-1600: Preloaded application code: USB keyboard driver for the PC-1600.

28C256 EEPROM with socket. 

Preloaded PC-1600 ROM extension: BASIC token table and command for keymap change, interrupt handler and keycode injection routine for the PC-1600 OS key ringbuffer.

22V10C PLD with socket. 

Preloaded addressing: extension ROM at #7,&4000, microcontroller port: &90

Onboard SPI socket for programming of the microcontroller

Compatible 60pin bus connector.

• USB-Frontend:

Hobbytronics USB-Host Controller with preloaded application

• Keyboard compatibility: Tested with Logitech standard keyboard layouts (US,

German, French). Also tested with Microsoft wireless keyboard with USB-dongle.

• Compatibility: Only SHARP PC-1600.

PC-1500/A not supported – do not connect the module to a PC-1500/A !


Here is a demonstration video about connecting and using a Hama wireless keyboard: