Diagram program

What do you need to transmit data from PC to PC-1600

1. Terminalprogram:
Windows: Hterm, DiskWorkPC/Mac
Mac OS X: Coolterm, DiskWorkPC/Mac
2. Connection PC -> PC-1600
Windows: Sharp CE-140T, C137T, CE-1602L
Profilic PL2303 USB-Serial konverter
Mac OS X: Sharp CE-140T, CE137T, CE-1602L
Profilic PL2303 USB-Serial konverter
3. Parameter
Baudrate: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop Bits: 1
Protokoll: XON
Enter Key Emulation: CR+LF
4. Transmit Program (Command)
PC-1600: LOAD"COM1:" (start program) or
COPY"COM1:" TO "S1:oderS2:oderX: Name.ext" (copy program on Ramdisk or Floppy Disk)

GEFAHRST.bas  Danger Signs places graphically on. 
GLOBUS.bas  Draws on the plotter a card of the earth with countries. 
TORTE.bas  Places input data as presentation diagram on the plotter 
HANDSCHR.bas  Changes texts in the PC-1600 as Schreibschrifft on the plotter. 
LAYCOPY.bas  Creates a hardcopy of the display on the plotter. 
ZEICHSAT.bas  Changes likewise texts in the PC-1600 in new Schrifft on the plotter. 
FLUGSIM.bas  Fly simulator with the plotter operates. 
KURVGRAF.bas  Created after data input a graphic curve on the display. 
SCANNER.bas  Pictures with the help of the plotter become in scanned. 
GSERVER.bas  Diagrams create, memory printing. 
3D-funk.bas  Plot a 3D sample of a function. 
BILDNIS.bas  Plot a picture of the PC-1600er of system. 
COCPy GRA.bas  Printout of displays. 
RASTER.bas  Plot of a variable rasters. 
SCHRIFT.bas  Variable printout of records. 
STERN.bas  Picture of an asterisk. 
SYMBOL.bas  Graphic creation of special characters. 
FISCHEL.bas  Diagram of the Fischelmackers. 
HERZPLOT.bas  Plot of a Hard with Text.
BRIEF.bas  Short message printout 
EDITOR.bas  Character program for display and hard copy. 
FALCO.bas  Falcografik on the display. 
FRAKTALE.bas  Coincidence diagrams with special functions. 
HARDCOPY.bas  Printing of a text in Lines
MANUGRAF.bas  Draw on the display. 
MONDPHAS.bas  Moon phase calendar on the plotter. 
PC-1600a.bas  Printing of the PC-1600ers. 
RND GRA.bas  Create from coincidence diagrams. 
RNDPOINT.bas  Coincidence representations of points. 
SCANNER.bas  Read in from pictures with output. 
BARCODE.bas  Plot of desired bar codes. 
CAT.bas  Cat plott. 
ERRORCOD.bas  Representation of all error codes. 
MONALISA.bas  Monalisa in NoMonoChrom on plotters. 
WORLDMAP.bas  Plot of World.
SCRIPT.bas  Handsign for the plotter. 
3D-DISP.BAS Plot a 3D Font on Paper.
TASCHEN.BAS Print small calendar.
Printingprogram Discside A CeBit87 Printing Cards at CE-1600P. Start by STARTE.BAS. Copy one file after the other by COPY"COM1:" TO "X:name.DAT" on a free disk on side a.
Printingprogram Discside B CeBit87 Printing Cards at CE-1600P. Copy one file after the other by COPY"COM1:" TO "X:name.DAT" on a free disk on side b.